Three days left – here is everything you, as the audience, need to know about the competition!



Three days left – here is everything you, as the audience, need to know about the competition!


- Experience world-class piano music by 61 pianists from 18 countries✔️
- Free entrance to preliminary and semifinal rounds
- The thrilling final
Join us!


 What is this piano competition all about?
?The International "Giorgos Thymis" Piano Competition is a biennial competition is organized by the Friends’ Society of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (TSSO), in collaboration with the TSSO in Thessaloniki, Greece. The level of the competitors has been extraordinary high every year, so has the number of participants. Winning this competition can help a pianist make his or hers international break-through.
 How can I follow the competition as a member of the audience?
?The Opening ceremony is on Thursday, January 10th, at "Pallas" (Leoforos Nikis str. 73). The preliminary and semifinal rounds (11-15 January) of the competition take place there, with free entrance for all audience. Spend the whole day at "Pallas" or «drop by» - the competition begins in the morning and will last all day.
 What will I have to know about piano music before joining as audience?
?Nothing! You are welcome to follow the competition with "open" ears and to experience world-class piano music, regardless of foreknowledge.
 How is the competition concluded?
?The thrilling Competition final take place on Friday January 18th in the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Megaron) with the collaboration of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra. Here the finalists will deliver dazzling performances, competing for high-stake prizes and being judged by the jury.  
You also get the chance to vote for your favorite for the Audience prize -via Facebook voting- maybe «your» pianist will be the winner of the International "Giorgos Thymis" Piano Competition!



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